ArcGIS for Desktop Print Dialog Hang Patch
It is a patch that provides support for fixing ArcMap issues.
ArcGIS for Desktop Non-textured Multipatch Transparency Patch
This program is a free patch for 3D Effects toolbar.
ArcGIS for Desktop OpenSSL Update Patch
Free secure ArcGIS.
ArcGIS for Desktop Update GeoPackage Support for OGC Standard Patch
This patch upgrades ArcGIS support for the 1.0 version of the GeoPackage.
ArcGIS Maps for Office
Provides location-based analysis in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
ArcObjects Developer Kit for .NET
A complete set of assemblies that mirror the ArcGIS 8.2.
ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework - Web ADF Runtime
Enables you to integrate GIS data and capabilities into your Web applications.
Esri Business Analyst
Advanced demographic analysis tool for Windows.
You can create powerful mapping, geocoding and geoprocessing apps.
ArcGIS for AutoCAD 300
It is a plug-in that provides interoperability between AutoCAD and ArcGIS.
ArcGIS SP1 for Desktop Public Key Infrastructure and Integrated Windows Authentication Patch
This patch enables ArcGIS to communicate with Public Key Infrastructure.
ArcGIS SP1 for Desktop Schematic Datasets Migration Patch
This patch addresses schematic datasets migration issue.
ArcGIS for Desktop Updated CityEngine Geoprocessing Tools Patch
It adds support for the latest capabilities coming with CityEngine 2013.
ArcGIS SP1 for Desktop Set Bing Key Patch
It is a patch that addresses changes to Bing licensing.
ArcGIS for Desktop Hosted Map Service Export Tiles Dialog Patch
It is a patch that addresses an issue to allow clients to export tiles.
ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Quality Improvement Patch
This patch addresses issues that may affect workflows and general performance.
ArcGIS for Desktop Landsat Patch 8
It is a patch that adds support for Landsat 8 imagery.
ArcGIS for Desktop Background Geoprocessing Oracle Geodatabase Object Schema Update and Editing Patch
It is a patch that resolves a critical issue in ArcGIS for Desktop.
ArcGIS for Desktop Tracking Layers Numeric NULL Values Patch
This patch corrects improper handling of real-time Tracking Layers.
AppStudio for ArcGIS
Tool that converts your maps into mobile apps.